Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2008 Batch #7 Recipe: Rye Pale Ale

This beer was a first on two accounts: my first high gravity all-grain (high to me anyway) and my first RPA. yum.


For a 4.5 gallon batch (will it all fit in my mash tun, we shall see...):

  • 11.75lbs 2-row brewers (or pale)
  • 3.6 lbs rye malt
Heat 3.8 gallons H2O to 130 degrees. Add malt. Hold this protein rest for 30 minutes @ 120-124 degrees (NOTE: I totally screwed this up by heating the water to 150 degrees (duh!! I haven't brewed in months, give me a break!)). Add 1.9 gallons of 200 degree H2O keep mash closer to 150. mash until iodine tells you otherwise.

Sparge with 3.8 gallons of 170 degree H2O. Keep 4.9 gallons in the brewpot.


  • 1 oz Nothern Brewer (from the hopyard) at boil
  • 30 minutes .75 oz Cascade (from the hopyard)
  • 15 minutes .750z Cascade (from the hopyard)
  • 2 minutes .75 oz Cascade (from the hopyard)
  • OFF .25 oz Centennial (from the store)
  • dry hop .3 oz Centennial at transfer
Yeast: Safbrew S-33 started prior to brewing.

This beer has been fermenting for nearly a month; it started at 1.076 and is down to 1.o245. Its chugging along very slowly, but the yeast hasn't dropped out yet. When it does, I've acquired some oak "infusion spirals" from The Barrel Mill for further testing...

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Anonymous said...

So... any left? I love some pale ale!
Plus, Anna has been jonesin' to come back and play with your kid.
Tom and Tod