Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Miller Lite admites to tripple hopping...oh joy!!

I love marketing. It's really psychology which is an interesting subject. So, when a friend asked if I've seen the new Miller Lite commercials (I don't really watch TV) I had to try and find them on Youtube (however, I am addicted to the internet). I couldn't find them, so I went to their website instead. To which I say: "good job web advertising designers, you almost tricked me" but not quite. I love the fact that they are talking about hops, but seriously I've drunk my fair share of Miller Lite at wedding receptions and hops are not the main goal there(Full disclaimer: Miller High Life is my cheap beer of choice. Mostley because of the awesome label and that I used to drink 40's of it on the porch of my co-op in college (but when we had cash we would drink Bell's or Arcadia...etc)). Anyway, the point is that if the big guns are talking about hops it means that the craft beer movement (is it a movement or just common sense???) is something they are worried about. Which is good.

In other beer ad news: Natual Lite is marketing Saturday. Seriously, I saw a comerical the other day. They weren't marketing their beer they were marketing how awesome Saturday is (not their product)...particualry if you are in college and have a hot girlfriend. So beer lovers pay attention to what the mega-brews they are selling. I would totally buy Saturday. Wouldn't you?