Saturday, October 4, 2008

Where's Your Original Gravity?

Brad Sancho's is in Milan.  Michigan not Italy (you can tell, because its pronounced like its in the Midwest...)  Anyway, I had an opportunity to visit Original Gravity Brewing Company yesterday and talk with Brad about the brewery and watch as he finished up a batch of brew.  

Brad went directly from homebrewing with this homebrew system (a very nice setup I might add):

To this 7 barrel system:

Not bad, huh?  He still uses the homebrew system for small batches.   The brewery has an open layout and a relaxed atmosphere, and unless you are in the bathroom, you can see all the brewing equipment from every seat in the house.  I tried the Porter, Pale Ale and the Amber during my visit.  All of which were top notch, I went home with a growler of Amber.  It's a full bodied amber, slightly on the hoppy side (good for these fall days we've been having).  Like any good brewer (home or otherwise) he's always looking to make his beers better and experiment with new recipes.  A pumpkin brew is next on the small batch system.   OG has been open for 4 months now, so if you haven't had to chance to check it out I would recommend a visit.  Milan is only 15 minutes from Ann Arbor right off of US23.  Not to mention it's smoke free and kid friendly so bring the whole family!  For another blog perspective, check out this post from Michigan Beer Buzz.

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Anonymous said...

I had a chance to try to the small batch IPA a few weeks ago (where I met the MI Beer Buzz folks in real life!!:)) and it was awesome. I hope it comes back again.