Monday, October 6, 2008

Swill by any other name...

Don't get me wrong, I occasionally indulge in mass-market beer. In fact, there are cans of High Life in my fridge right now. So, while I was at one of our local grocery stores the other day stocking up on can goods and newspapers to stuff in my cloths this winter (see: Hooverville) I noticed Budweiser's American Ale was on sale. Being curious, I thought I would try it. I'd read a few posts about it, so I wasn't expecting much. But, I thought I would try the beer brewed with "caramel malt and cascade hops." My official opinion: don't waste your money. You can't taste the hops (even though they claim to dry hop on the website) and there is only slightly more body than regular old Budweiser. It was nice to drink while installing my bamboo floor, but High Life would have done just as well (and its cheaper even when the ale is on sale). On the positive side, its a lovely color and I dig the label (except for the part where they claim to have invented a new style of beer, come on guys really) and it has a pry-off cap so I can at least reuse the bottles. They seem to be trying to market it to craft beer lovers since they are underwriting our local NPR station and we all know that NPR listeners only drink good beer. The website is actually pretty cool. For another review see what Brian at All Things Homebrewing has to say.

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