Monday, July 21, 2008

On the water

No, this isn't the Chicago to Mackinaw, but Sunday was a great day for sailing. It was my first sail since I re-patched the previous owner's sub-par Bondo patch on the bottom of the hull. Working with epoxy and fiberglass is fun! I would go into the details of the repair but this is a homebrew blog not a sailboat repair blog. Sailing and beer, of course, have a long intertwined history. Without the Europeans' desire for curry, we wouldn't have India Pale Ales, and what a shame that would be. In honor of my new (but very used) sunfish, my next batch of brew is going to be an Imperial IPA. More and more Michigan breweries are making this style so I think it should be dubbed GLPA (Great Lakes Pale Ale) So, if anyone has a good all-grain recipe let me know, I've haven't made a high octane all-grain yet. Happy sailing and brewing!

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Stef said...

The sailboat looks like great fun! I can't wait to see y'all in action on the lake (oh, and to get a taste of that next brew). ;-)

BTW, I think you should put a graphic on your blog to highlight your award-winning beer.