Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beerfest and Barley Harvest

The Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beerfest was last weekend and was a great time as always. We really do live in a great beer state. The selection was amazing. I was big on trying the bourbon barrel beers which Founder's had two stunning examples of. Rye P.A's were a new one to me with several example present (I can't remember who was brewing them...) that I really liked. I think my next batch is going to be an imperial rye P.A. Great job to everyone who was involved with the fest. The next day I harvested my barley. More on that later, including how a scythe just fell into my lap (figuratively of course, otherwise I would still be in the hospital).

Two sheaves of barley.

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Brichards700 said...

That's great that you're growing your own 2row. Are you going to try and malt it? I was talking to Chris P. Frey at the Beer Festival and he was using a few pounds of malt from some Mt. Pleasant that someone malted on their own. I'd like to give it a go when I have some room.