Sunday, September 7, 2008

The politics of brewing

Summer is a slow blogging time for me. It's also a slow brewing time for me as well. I just now kegged my "pilsner" I brewed in December. Its not true to style in the least; more of a bitter lager with flowery notes. I'm starting to like it though...that was the last beer in a carboy, so I will have to start the mash fire soon.

This is a beer blog so there will be no partisan politics this election season from me. However, I thought it would be interesting to see who was making the decisions on the three most important beer related political events of the last century: prohibition, the repeal of prohibition and the legalization of homebrewing.

President Woodrow Wilson (Democrat) Vetoed the National Prohibition Act, however as we all know, this veto was over-ridden by congress and the USA went beerless from 1920-1933.

FDR (Democrat) repealed prohibition in 1933 when he signed the Cullen-Harrison Act. But, those 13 years virtually destroyed brewing in this country and only the past few decades have seen brew-culture regain its proper standing.

Congress passed a bill in 1978 legalizing homebrewing (whoo hoo) which President Jimmy Carter (Democrat) signed into law in February 1979. Thanks for the valentine Jimmy!

Agian, this is a non-partisan blog and I'm strictly an independent. However the Presidential Beer score is Democrats 3 - Republicans 0.

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