Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Barley Up, CO2 gone

Its been a while since I've blogged. With spring comes all sorts of projects and with summer come even more. I hope the recent solstice found you with wheat beer in hand. I've very excited about my barley project. I have a 20 x15 foot space in my garden currently occupied with the feathery heads of barley. Its a 6-row variety which is all I could find for sale in Michigan. Next year I will locate a 2-row variety and I hope to have it available through my new business, Heritage Hops, LLC, for other folks who would like to attempt to brew a REAL homebrew! My hops are coming along nicely as well. I went down to the basement to pull a draught of my pale ale...and nothing. I believe there is a leak in my system. I'm guessing its in my picnic tap. Anyway, I'll have to get the old tank filled up soon. I guess that's one problem with kegging...a fairly big problem if you don't have a backup CO2 tank!
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Beerme said...

So are you planning to make beer "from dirt"? I mean are you going to malt that barley and make a beer completely from your own homegrown product? I've always wanted to do that but felt I didn't have enough space to grow enough barley. Please post the results of this experiment (how much dried barley you yield for the square footage of plot, etc.)-it will be very interesting!

MICHmash said...

Yup, thats the plan. I'll definitely be posting the results. The barley looks great in the garden. If it goes well, I think I'll plant barely in the whole patch and skip the vegetables next year!