Monday, January 14, 2008

TEE-HEE... my new mash tun/brew kettle has arrived

Well now, its time to get serious. If I'm going to be brewing all grain, I need a brew kettle that can hold 5-6 gallons of wort. So, I've purchased an 8 gallon "mega pot" from Norther Brewer with a ball valve to accommodate this. I think it will do the job. My first batch with this will be Mystery Pils (AGB #4); stay tunned to find out what the mystery is.
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Ben said...

If the wort is 5-6 gallons then what is the final volume? 10 gallons?

Hosted by: Common Sense Citizen said...

When brewing all grain you boil your entire batch; which is all the liquid you collect from your mashing the grain (I can explain that process in a later post) So, I'm still making 5-6 gallon batches because that what size the fermenters are. When you use Malt extract its a concentrated form of the mash liquid (mash water + sparge water) and since its already concentrated you don't have to boil the entire final volume. You just need enough to boil you hops and any other adjunct in and it can be topped off later.