Friday, January 18, 2008

A name change already?

I've changed the name of this blog from Yet another beer blog to Tales from the mash tun for three reasons. 1) There are a lot of hits on Google for blog posts with this title, more careful research would have kept me from this error. 2) Yet another beer blog is kind of ho-hum and implies that this blog is merely one of many mediocre blogs about beer. 3) Tales from the Mash Tun sounds better.

Happy Brewing


@ said...

Hi. I'd like you to post an informal survey. "How many men brew in their underwear?" I've seen this happen in my own home on more than one occasion.

Hosted by: Common Sense Citizen said...

Thanks for the suggestion @, I'll consider it as a future project. However, I think you are being kind of sexist, I'm sure there are women who brew in their underwear as well.