Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Holly Michigan: Home of the Carry Nation Festival

Remember prohibition? No? Well anyway, you can celebrate the life of one its most infamous advocates in Holly Michigan this summer if you like. I came across the Carry Nation Festival when researching prohibition the other day and you know, it looks... strange. Why Holly? She went there once. Ok. But, really, I do love festivals so this might be one to check out. The website has not been updated so hopefully it's happening again. The most important question: will there be a beer tent?


Tom said...

chris... love your blog.
Keep it up man. I love your insight and comments.
We need to get together for dinner sometime soon. We're eager to meet the little one (and see you guys too).
Jackson, MI.

farlane said...

Hey, thanks for linking over to Michigan in Pictures!

You should definitely add a link to your site on Absolute Michigan:

We love Michigan and Michigan beer! I had no idea that Michigan was host to the Carry Nation Festival. I think I need a T-shirt from that!

Anonymous said...

I checked the Carry Nation web site. It's up and running and looks interesting! The Festival is on for sept 5-7. Looks like fun, lots of entertainment.

Katy Hughes said...

The Carry Nation Festival will take place again this year: Sept 11 - 13, '09. Check out the website for all the details: www.carrynation.org. I'm one of the festival organizers - we're doing our best to bring back the beer tent. A great little community festival in the Village of Holly, MI. If you haven't attended, check it out!

ben there said...

I'm sorry to report that the carry nation festival is as lame as a two legged cow. For all practical purposes, the festival died in the early 1980's and all attempts to revive it have failed miserably. Trust me, I attended it when it really was a festival. There was a real parade, chicken dinners at the Moose tent, free pancake breakfast at the Lion's tent,pig wrestling from the J.C.'s,mud volleyball, men's and women's softball tournaments,car show,tractor pull,horse drawn trailer rides from north end to town and back, grape stomping, half of sister-city Lemington's people were here with their floats, fire trucks, Roma Club and anything else that wasn't nailed down,a fireman's waterball battle,FOUR beer tents - Hotel's, Moose, Lion's the Holly Motorcycle Club, and an overflow crowd at the "El Cap". It was a festival and it made it without a carnival or a play. Save your time and money.

Anonymous said...

If you attended the festival you'll have noticed that things did change as every festival does each and every year. We had MANY FREE games and activities for the families! If you have a family - this was for you - Free inflatables, games, contests and more! We also have vendors and crafters, food and the Moose had their first BEER HALL - maybe not a tent - but it's a start! The main stage was always full of entertainment and fun. Maybe we don't have 4 beer tents - but we're trying to make it fun and family oriented in these tough times for everyone. Times change and we have to as well. The volunteers work hard and let me say that when you walk to the kids area and see LINES AND LINES of kids lined up for the games and activities - there must be something going on that's ok. The wrestling ring was fun and entertaining as well. It may not be for everyone but for those that did attend - it was awesome! thank you!